Ed HondaThank you for visiting my website, and welcome.

This is the initial launch of my website, and I hope to add a larger selection of examples of my work in my portfolio and a client list shortly.

I've been involved in plastic product development with various Chicago‐area manufacturers for 40 years, and have developed a comprehensive knowledge base of plastics‐related design based on the outcome of the design, development, and implementation of hundreds of plastic components, and active participation in dozens of design‐related projects in consumer, commercial, and military applications.

If you are involved in product and plastic parts development, I can provide design and development support for your program‐-whether it is one part or many.

I also am a strong advocate of injection molding simulation, and use it as a tool in part design, mold esign validation, and process verification. I also provide training and technical support for one of the newer and more informative injection molding simulation software suites around today.

Because all my current work is covered by confidentiality and non‐disclosure agreements, it is difficult to post examples in my portfolio. However, if you've ever:

  • Used your car's stereo audio system to listen to your favorite tunes while driving in your car.
  • Fled through an emergency exit fire door.
  • Shut‐down the electrical power in an RV, or the power distribution junctions in your factory.
  • Dried your hands using a warm air hand drier.
  • Driven an armored, tracked, combat vehicle in Gulf War One.
  • Flown in the Space Shuttle cockpit monitoring status indicator lights and displays.
  • Used high‐end, cardio‐vascular workout equipment at your Equinox or Bally health club.
  • Had a panoramic X‐ray of your teeth.
  • Used a popular paint manufacturer's ergonomically‐designed trigger and cap aerosol paint
  • product.
  • Used contact lens and eye cleaning solutions.
  • Used personal care and cosmetic products...

...we've already been introduced through one of the many of my products or plastic components that 've designed and developed over a broad spectrum.

If you'd like to discuss your plastic product or component design issues further, please feel free to contact me to discuss your plastic design and development requirements.